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Boundary Stone :: Open Studio performance proposal

This is a proposal for a public performance on May 18th 2013, to take place during our Open Studios event, here at the Ruskin Glass Centre. My work is centred on spaces, and investigating the politics and ethics of our common interactions with space. I am especially interested in how our conscious perception extends, and how […]

Diverse Methods: My RBSA Friends Commendation and the M6

A short two week show at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists starting this week gives me pause to consider divergent steams in my own practice and cause to celebrate the societies ‘Highly Commended’ endorsement and the diversity of art in Birmingham. First of all I have to say how delighted I am to be recognised for […]

Place, Anthropocentrism and Environment in the work of Smithson, Marshall, Sonfist, and Eliasson.

Visual art has seldom confronted the examination of place from a phenomenological viewpoint, that is to say: artworks that are based in environmental phenomena – that avoid anthropocentrism. During the 20th Century and in more recent years, many artists have been working with various approaches to notions of ‘environment’ in their practice. In this short […]

The lost habitat of Burnt Tree Island

The following was written as a viewpoint for the local newspaper: Newsquest (Midlands South) Ltd, 12/1/2012, and was published in a necessarily less academic character than any peer reviewed research would need to be. This short opinion pertains to a busy road junction changing from a roundabout to traffic lights, not obviously a target for eco-critical analysis […]