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Boundary Stone :: Open Studio performance proposal

This is a proposal for a public performance on May 18th 2013, to take place during our Open Studios event, here at the Ruskin Glass Centre. My work is centred on spaces, and investigating the politics and ethics of our common interactions with space. I am especially interested in how our conscious perception extends, and how […]

Concept versus Skill axiology: From the Old Masters to the YBA’s

I wish to argue that an attempt at comparison between art produced by today’s conceptual artists, some of the YBA’s for example and art from the traditions of the West in the past, is wrong and misguided. I was moved to contribute to this debate as a differential between artworks that utilise predominantly more skill or concept, can be […]

Standing Reserve: Performance and eco-criticism

 Standing reserve   Definition (Standing reserve) is a term widely used in forestry to denote (enframe), the growing phenomena of trees. ‘Timber’ is the language of a human usefulness which will soon befell them. Trees move from ‘they’, as in: ‘the trees’; through a process of enframed transformation into the ’it’ of stuff – of […]